Last mile active coverage.


Years of experience in OOH and DOOH led us to develop an efficient and measurable system expressly designed to fulfil retailers’ communication needs. Our proximity system allows territorial coverage up to the attraction area of each single point of sales through local outdoor and road signs, but also conversion maximization through the integration of digital technology inside out the point of sales


As far as communication is concerned, we can also support the point of sales during its entire life (opening, restructuring, closing, internal communication) from on spot visit to project up to fitting turnkey, thanks to the collaboration of specialized companies operating on the territory in Italy and abroad.


Catchement area active coverage


Through geomarketing and geofencing analysis, we realize communication projects to reach profiled audience around a specific point of interest. A strategy focused on local media to intercept target during his daily routine in his environment in order to concentrate investments and to avoid budget dispersion


What we do:

Road sign and micro OOH

We manage Carrefour‘s local media advertising for more than 130 points of sales in Italy, establishing a one-to-one relationship with each store manager and making a widespread check of the OOH assets from local campaign to proximity road signs.

New opening

Support of Coin and Coin Excelsior brands for new openings and store renovations with georeferenced multichannel campaigns in the catchment area

Point of sale promotions

The in-depth knowledge of our territory and the related media allows us to plan locally radios, tv, newspapers and OOH,
operating an accurate selection based on target and profiled audience

Beyond the border

We support PoS’ communication activities likewise in international markets with campaigns focused on stores’ area. From France to Spain, from England to Germany, from Poland to Russia …

Up to the last step

We drive consumer up to the store entrance, leading them on the path from outside to inside the shopping areas with all the tools available in the local market

Guerrilla Marketing

Thanks to our experience we go beyond traditional communication patterns through innovative UNCONVENTIONAL strategies for engaging consumers. Branded ApeCar, flashmob, hostess, floor graphic, electrical sheet … to enhance brand virality and visibility reaching a large number of people