Last mile active coverage.


Years of experience in OOH and DOOH led us to develop an efficient and measurable system expressly designed to fulfil retailers’ communication needs. Our proximity system allows territorial coverage up to the attraction area of each single point of sales through local outdoor and road signs, but also conversion maximization through the integration of digital technology inside out the point of sales.


As far as communication is concerned, we can also support the point of sales during its entire life (opening, restructuring, closing, internal communication) from on spot visit to project up to fitting turnkey, thanks to the collaboration of specialized companies operating on the territory in Italy and abroad.


Carrefour: a real example of day by day proximity retail media.


We manage Carrefour‘s local media advertising for more than 130 points of sales in Italy, establishing a one-to-one relationship with each store manager and making a widespread check of the OOH assets from local campaign to proximity road signs.
We keep a constant monitoring of OOH sites, cooperating with local contractors going beyond standard outdoor networks, ensuring a full control on all communication patterns and budgets for each point of sales.


What we do for Carrefour:

Existing available positions audit

Target area coverage analisys and road signs optimization

Buying, monitoring, renewals and reporting management

Local outdoor campaigns

Long-term road signs

Road signs management from bureaucratic procedure to installation and maintenance